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Survey of Streaming Data With Dynamic Compact Streaming Algorithm

Ayodeji Oyewale1 and Chris Hughes2, 1School of Computing, Science and Engineering, University of Salford, Salford, Manchester and 2The Crescent, Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom


A growing number of applications that generate massive streams of data need intelligent data processing and online analysis. Data & Knowledge Engineering (DKE) has been known to stimulate the exchange of ideas and interaction between these two related fields of interest. DKE makes it possible to understand, apply and assess knowledge and skills required for the development and application data mining systems. With present technology, companies are able to collect vast amounts of data with relative ease. With no hesitation, many companies now have more data than they can handle. A vital portion of this data entails large unstructured data sets which amount up to 90 percent of an organization’s data. With data quantities growing steadily, the explosion of data is putting a strain on infrastructures as diverse companies having to increase their data center capacity with more servers and storages. This study conceptualized handling enormous data as a stream mining problem that applies to continuous data stream and proposes an ensemble of unsupervised learning methods for efficiently detecting anomalies in stream data.


Stream data, Steam Mining, Compact data structurres, FP Tree, Path Adjustment Method

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